Marshfield High School’s Dan Dargenio, World Studies and AP European History Teacher, has been named the 2019 Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies (WCSS) High School Teacher of the Year. Dargenio was nominated for the award by some of his students.

In his World Studies course, Dargenio is covering modern politics – topics like what’s going on in Russia and China – and taking a much broader approach to what’s going on globally, after most of his students took United States history as freshmen and sophomores.

Dargenio believes his energy is what helps to "foster a really trusting relationship of inquiry, of questioning, of critique, of deeper knowledge. With that, I think they start to really groove on the fact that they know more than they did. And with that newfound confidence, I can ask them to synthesize, to question what’s happening, to come up with their own ideas, to rank leaders, give them a letter grade, things they would’ve never thought before," he said to the Hub City Times.

Congratulations to Dan Dargenio for being honored in this way by his students!

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