NSHSS Founder James Lewis Takes to Radio Airwaves

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ch year NSHSS collaborates with Hanover Research to uncover key insights about the nation’s future workforce with its Career Survey. Starting on June 18, 2015, NSHSS Founder James Lewis is taking to the radio airwaves to discuss how findings of the new 2015 Millennial Career Survey, provide a positive outlook on the future workforce.


This year's survey found that an increasing amount of millennial students aspire for careers in STEM and business fields, and that millennials want to work for companies with strong corporate responsibility and good benefits. Among the companies that rose to the top in the employers of choice are Google and Walt Disney.


Listen to NSHSS founder James Lewis discuss takeaways from the survey in this radio clip, which is airing now on radio stations throughout the United States. 





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