Wellesley College is committed to helping young women stand up for what they believe, what they want, and what they hope to become. We are proud to be partnered with a society that not only supports young academics in their journey to discover their passions, but also provides exceptional young women a path to success.

This summer, Wellesley invites high school girls to experience what college is all about. Students will gain valuable insights about life away from home, engage with a diverse group of students, build confidence, and enhance their leadership skills. Students can earn credit in the four-week Immersive Program or delve deep into a specific subject in the one-week Exploratory Workshops. This is an amazing opportunity for teens to join a dynamic group of young women investing in themselves, their futures, and who they want to be.

Learn more about Wellesley Pre-College Summer Programs at wellesley.edu/summer/precollege.

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