Sean Russell Granted Claes Nobel Educator of the Year

Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sean Russel, an English teacher at Manchester Central High School in New Hampshire, was honored with the Claes Nobel Educator of the Year award.

Russell came to Central High School in 2004 after student teaching at Rivier University in Nashua. While he considered law school as a career pursuit, Russel decided to continue his father's legacy into the world of education. 

With a degree in philosophy, Russel offers a unique perspective in an era that's heavily emphasized on STEM education. While he's an educator in reading comprehension and writing, he equips students with the skills they need to prepare for careers in STEM. 

"I don’t see STEM and Humanities as opposed to one another,” he said to local news source, Manchester Ink Link, as he believes using literature to explore themes, morals, and ethics. "It is an opportunity to build on whatever they are coming in with as their moral foundation."

Russel’s work is deeply rooted in helping students grow inside and outside of the classroom. He plans to use the grant money to establish a radio station or podcast center at Manchester Central High School.

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