Crafting Your College List

April 29, 2024 at 8:00 PM ET

Selecting the right colleges to apply to is a pivotal step in your higher education journey. Join CollegeAdvisor for "Crafting Your College List," where they'll provide you with essential guidance to create a well-rounded and tailored college list-building strategy.

Crafting a balanced college list is crucial to ensure that you have a range of options that fit your academic, personal, and financial goals. 

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In this 60-min session hosted by former admissions officer Stacey Tuttle, we will explore the following key areas:

  • Understanding Your Priorities: Learn how to identify your personal and academic preferences, including location, size, majors, and extracurricular opportunities, to define your college search criteria.
  • Reach, Match, and Likely Schools: Gain insights into the concept of reach, match, and likely schools and how to choose the right mix of colleges to maximize your acceptance chances.
  • Researching Colleges: Discover effective strategies for researching colleges, including campus visits, virtual tours, and connecting with current students and alumni.
  • Application Strategy: Learn how to create a timeline for applying to colleges, including Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision deadlines, and how to balance your efforts across multiple applications.

Don't miss "Crafting Your College List." Register now to embark on your journey to finding the colleges that align with your aspirations and goals. By attending this webinar, you'll be well on your way to creating a college list that opens doors to a bright and promising future.