Discovering Your Work/Life Balance

NSHSS Member Engagement Event
December 5, 2023 AT 6:30 PM ET

Learn all about navigating mental health as a young adult. Learn about boundary making, identification of values, and how to effectively manage time to decrease burnout with Professional Counselor Claire Kirsch!

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More About Guest Speaker Claire Kirsch

NSHSS Lifetime Member Claire Kirsch currently resides in Pennsylvania where she works in social services as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Claire is a 2018 and 2021 graduate of Mount Aloysius College, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a specialization in counseling and minors in choral performance and expressive arts, and her Master of Science in community counseling. Claire enjoys volunteering with local theatre organizations and working on personal/professional development. Claire currently manages The Hope Connection, a program focused on bridging the gap between the general public and mental health services. Claire has completed over 200 hours of community service over the past year, supporting organizations across Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and West Virginia.