Future Jobs: Tech & Science Impact and Preparation

May 7, 2024 at 7:00 PM ET

Emerging tech and science are rapidly changing the future of work. How do you prepare for jobs that might not even exist today? TKS Director, Jessica Klein, will discuss the different types of emerging tech and science and the skills and mindsets that will be required in the workplace. Jessica will get you thinking about what careers could look like in fields like AI, Genomics, Quantum Computing, and more and will give you insight into how TKS trains ambitious youth to be future-ready.

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More about TKS

TKS is the world's top innovation program for youth. The TKS program makes students future-ready with the tools and mindsets needed to solve important problems in the world. TKS alumni have become the youngest employees at SpaceX, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and OpenAI. They’ve started companies valued at over $500M and earned full-ride scholarships to MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UNC’s Morehead-Cain, and more.

Meet Jessica Klein

Jessica is an entrepreneur, product manager, and marketing manager turned mentor. After mastering the world of product and project management, Jessica became an entrepreneur by starting two companies, one in the employee wellness space and one in eCommerce. This led to her role as a Senior PM at Briteweb, where she led cross-functional engineering, creative, marketing, and client teams to build products that help change the world. Her passion for mentoring led to her becoming one of the early teachers at Synthesis, the online school arising from Elon Musk’s Ad Astra School at SpaceX.

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