Insider's Guide to Undergraduate Business Programs

March 23, 2022

Undergraduate business programs are some of the most popular in the country. Whether you or your child is interested in finance, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, or some other business-related field, there’s just the right program - but there is also increasing competition. In this webinar with Jamie Moynihan you will learn:

- The top undergraduate business programs in the U.S.
- Differences between undergraduate and graduate programs
- Extracurricular activities that will have the most impact on students
- What admissions officers are looking for in business applicants


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Presenter Jamie Moynihan

Jamie Moynihan is the director of college counseling at AcceptU. Jamie received a BA from the University of Mary Washington and an MA in higher education administration from George Mason University. Jamie has a decade of admissions experience at several institutions, including the University of California – Berkeley and Loyola University Maryland. He also served as associate director of college counseling at a private high school in Washington, DC. Jamie provides oversight for all undergraduate counseling at AcceptU. He is an IECA Professional Member.