Strategies to Maximize Financial Aid & Scholarships amidst the FAFSA Changes: To ED or Not to ED? To send or not to send Test Scores?

October 11, 2023

Join a panel of private and public College Aid Pro (CAP) experts from Harvard, MIT, USC, U of Oklahoma, BU, and the UC’s team to learn what your family should be doing to get ahead of FAFSA's sweeping changes. If you can’t attend live, just register and you will receive the recording. This webinar will cover and take live Q&A on the following.

  1. The HUGE FAFSA changes impacting divorced/separated families, families with multiple children, and business owners
  2. Which colleges are most generous with financial aid
  3. Which colleges will give discounts even if you are not eligible for financial aid
  4. The SCOTUS ruling and why the essay is more important than ever
  5. Financial and admission implications of applying early decision (ED)
  6. When to send and when NOT to send test scores
  7. Meet the CAP team of experts and learn how they can help support you through all the sweeping changes