Aiyanna Taylor

Martin Luther King Junior High School
Lithonia, GA

Aiyanna Taylor is a compassionate, creative, articulate, and ambitious student focused on bettering herself and other young girls of color. She is attending Georgia State University as a first-year student for the class of 2027 and majoring in a Bachelor of Chemistry degree. 

Aiyanna has always had her eye on the prize and inspires young girls that anything is possible if they work hard. She has been dedicated to her education since an early age. She is excited to put that passion into projects that will leave the world better than she left it, especially for underprivileged communities like hers. 

She plans to finish her chemistry education so she may enter the fields of forensic science and organic chemistry. She plans to work for the government, break down barriers, and eventually build her dream empire of owning a global cosmetics company prioritizing the formulation of healthy products for black men and women. Aiyanna is also working to expand her skills by dipping her toes into the study of mechanical engineering and cybersecurity. Aiyanna represents a young African American woman with the "sky is the limit" mindset. The only person that can tell her she cannot is herself. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Research and Academic Paper Scholarship