Araceli Jimenez Bahena

Valencia High School
Anaheim, CA

Araceli Jimenez Bahena is a junior at Valencia High School in California. She has a passion for law and aspires to become an immigration and corporate attorney to help her community. Araceli strongly believes in community service and actively volunteers her time to support her local area. During her free time, Araceli enjoys baking cakes and spending quality time with her friends. Araceli has secured several internships at various law firms, which she utilizes to expand her knowledge and positively impact her community. Her dedication to exploring multiple law fields and using her internships to further her education and help her community is a testament to her hard work and commitment.

In partnership with The Berkeley Pre-College Scholars Program, NSHSS is awarding one scholarship opportunity to attend UC Berkeley's Pre-College Scholars: Summer Non-Credit Computer Science Track.