Ariana Maria Perez

Troy High School
Placentia, CA

Ariana Perez is 16 years old and attends Troy High School in Fullerton; she is in the 11th grade and is a special admit at Fullerton College. She is a member of the Golf Team, the Orchestra at school, and the Mock Trial team. Ariana is active in the NOW club at school as the vice president. She considers herself a young social activist with her poetry. She enjoys watching 80's movies with my cat "Kiki." She also enjoys playing the piano and studying music theory. She volunteers at her church as an altar server and has completed 200 hours of community service with various groups. She plans on attending college and working in the STEM field. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2022: Why Vote? Voter Awareness & Education Scholarship

The Why Vote? Scholarship awards high school and college students who demonstrate an active commitment for spreading awareness/education on the importance of voting in their communities.