Dani Mendell

North Oconee High School
Watkinsville, GA

Dani is passionate about supporting environmental education and sustainability and working with disabled individuals. Dani founded the North Oconee High School Eco Club in 2020. Over the past five years, she has also volunteered at a local community organization that benefits individuals with disabilities called Extra Special People. Dani started the Hydroponic Heroes program, a joint project between Eco Club and the special education class at North Oconee where students work together to grow and maintain a hydroponic garden. They sell the plants at school, giving students a chance to learn about marketing and accounting. Special education students participate in a cooking class and can use the hydroponic garden plants to make healthy fresh recipes. The goal of Hydroponic Heroes is to give people of all abilities the chance to work together to help care for our planet.

Scholarships Awarded in 2022: NSHSS Foundation Earth Day Awards

The NSHSS Foundation encourages environmental stewardship among high school students globally through the Foundation Earth Day Award. Students submit their environmental project they are working on currently, and provide details on  the impact of the project in their communities and how it will impact the future.