Evan Osgood

Loveland High School
Loveland, OH

Evan Osgood is a passionate student from Loveland, Ohio. During the pandemic, Evan's twin passions for technology and helping others inspired him to start not just one nonprofit but two. After teaching himself how to make masks by following CDC guidelines, Evan established SOSforPPE, a nonprofit through which he makes and ships PPE assembly kits to those interested in making masks. In addition to filling a need for protective equipment, he has also sought to address COVID learning gaps in STEM subjects. That is why he started STEMsForYouth, a nonprofit committed to improving access to STEM and narrowing the digital divide. Evan has met with senators, representatives, and government officials to discuss increasing access to STEM education. But he has done more than talk. He has also taught students from low-income families the computer programming skills and engineering concepts they need to build their knowledge of STEM subjects.

Scholarships Awarded in 2022: NSHSS Nobel Academic Excellence Scholarship

The NSHSS Nobel Academic Excellence Scholarship recognizes high school juniors and seniors making a positive impact on society, and how college will help these students continue to make an impact for years to come.