Felipe Vargas Rojas

Somerset Arts Conservatory
Tamarac, FL

Felipe Vargas Rojas is a BFA Acting freshman at Florida State University starting August 2023. Dedicated and responsible student all through middle and high school. He appreciates being considered as one of the NSHSS Research and Academic Paper Scholarship 2023, as he would give the best use to this award to help him pay for college expenses like housing and a meal plan. Also, this is the first scholarship he obtained, which took a lot of hard work by applying to dozens of scholarships at the end of his senior year in high school while also submitting an almost 2000 words essay from one of his AICE classes in high school. None of this would have been possible without all the support from his friends, family, and teachers, like his theater teacher, who helped him submit a recommendation letter for this scholarship. Finally, he believes and wants to share with other people in his generation that hard work always pays off, even if it's a small amount every single day. Eventually, you'll do much more than wait for a lucky event.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Research and Academic Paper Scholarship