James LeSage

Liberty University Online Academy
Naples, FL

James LeSage, a student pursuing Digital Media at Liberty University, serves as an Eagle Scholar and is an esteemed Chi Iota Sigma Honor Society member. He contributes his passion to the university's digital production team for weekly gatherings. His journey into visual storytelling commenced at the age of eight when he clinched the first-place award in photography at the Vermont State Fair. 
James excelled as an entrepreneur throughout his academic journey, showcasing his photographic talent at high school business fairs. His work earned recognition not only for his artistry but also for his sharp business acumen. He dedicated his skills to his church's digital media team and further honed his craft by attending the Artis Naples Student Photography Institute for two years under photography professor and Guggenheim Fellow Tony Chirinos. 
James's remarkable commitment to community betterment is evident through his recognition at high school graduation with the 2023 Community Service Award, applauding his outstanding 700-plus hours of charitable service. Additionally, James was inducted into the Mensa Honor Society during high school and earned his Associate's Degree in Business as a dual-enrolled student. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Visual Arts Scholarship