Joshua Okolo

Carnegie Vanguard High School
Katy, Texas

Joshua Okolo is a junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. He has an aptitude for STEM subjects, which he manifests through his leadership as the Vice-President of his school’s Math/Science team and President of the Physics Club. Among his other responsibilities, he regularly tutors peers in math and science subjects. One long running dedication in his academic career is robotics. He has participated in many competitions including the VEX Robotics, VEX Artificial Intelligence, and Bell Vertical Robotics Competitions, and his robotics team has won over 15 awards since his freshman year with qualifications for the VEX Worlds Championships each year. Joshua’s intellectual pursuits extend into fields from computer science to medicine, and his curiosities often lie at the intersections of these fields, such as one of his research projects: An AI Algorithm for the Aided Diagnosis of Cancer. Outside of his academics, Joshua is the captain of his school’s soccer team, runs cross country and varsity track, and is on the competitive dance team for his school. He is also active in his community, serving as a Houston Food Bank Student Hero, and his hobbies include cooking, playing cello, and completing passion projects.

Scholarships Awarded in 2021: NSHSS Nobel Academic Excellence Scholarship

The NSHSS Nobel Academic Excellence Scholarship recognizes high school juniors and seniors making a positive impact on society, and how college will help these students continue to make an impact for years to come.