Kameron Julian

duPont Manual High School

Kameron Julian is a senior guitar major at the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to playing guitar, Kameron enjoys other performing arts areas. She is a competitive dancer, enjoys performing in musical theater productions, and is part of a musical medley group that serves over 50 shows annually. Beyond the arts, Kameron advocates mental health and recently wrote and helped pass House Bill 44, which allows Kentucky public schools to include mental health as an excused absence in their attendance policies. She believes this bill helps students know their mental health matters. While working on the bill, she realized the vital link between vaping and mental health. She is now part of the American Heart Association’s VapeRace Center, where she works closely with researchers better to understand the connection between vaping and mental health issues.

In the fall, Kameron will attend Centre College to major in Computer Science and minor in Psychology. Her goal is to address and solve mental health problems using AI. She wants every person to know their mental health matters and will continue to work to solve problems and reduce barriers surrounding mental health issues.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Mental Health Awareness Scholarship

NSHSS Mental Health Awareness Scholarship awards students for their positive efforts in spreading awareness and effecting change regarding mental health.