Kayla Stoll

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

Kayla Stoll--a girl with a T-shirt and blue jeans on the surface and a fierce environmental advocate within. For the past six summers, she has spent nearly every day at a local, non-profit farm in her town, volunteering to educate the community about the importance of growing organic crops. She has made friends on every spectrum of life forms--from inner-city children to giant emus and even down to the tiniest bee. She always uses her time to the fullest and respects other people's time in turn. She also donates blood every three months to give other people more time. She treats all living things equally and voices the importance of protecting our natural world and resources better.

She created a Youtube channel centered on eliminating plastic pollution and has sent letters to lawmakers and businesses on reducing single-use plastics. She will spare no effort to turn the urgency of Mother Nature's pain into feasible solutions that will benefit all people, all lands, and all species on Earth. She may be a girl with muddy boots, dirt-covered blue jeans, and a T-shirt, but she is ready to change the world.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award

The NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award recognizes NSHSS members under 18 with the most influential leadership qualities.