Lola Fratto

Lincoln Park High School
Chicago, Illinois

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My journey in the United States began only eight years ago. From the language to the culture I had to start from scratch. I had only one focus: excel in my education to build a basis for a successful career. During my junior year of high school, I was inducted into NSHSS amid my academic achievements which opened a door for new opportunities. I have been following a path with a very clear focus in order to be able to access the best education, and that could only be possible with the help that I earned as a well-rounded student. I am now an ambassador for NSHSS and a proud recipient of various scholarships that will help me get closer to my dream of becoming a reference in the performing arts world. I am pursuing a career in acting at The University of Illinois in Chicago and working towards my Bachelor in Fine Arts.

Scholarships Awarded in 2021: NSHSS Performing Arts: Theater Scholarship