Maguette Niang

Reynoldsburg High School
Reynoldsburg, OH

Maguette is incredibly honored to be selected to receive this scholarship. She thanks NSHSS for their generosity, allowing her to pay her college tuition. She was in fact blown away by the amount of tuition she had to pay for the rest of this semester. As an international student, her tuition rates are higher! However, thanks to this scholarship, Maguette knows she can continue her semester without worrying about tuition for this semester. She will make an impact in the world as a future dentist.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS First Generation Scholarship

College can be challenging, from filling out financial aid, enrolling in classes, choosing a major, and making new friends. The NSHSS First Generation Scholarship recognizes first generation college students for their academic and leadership initiatives.