Melanie Jones

Wheaton North High School
Washington, D.C

Hi, I’m Melanie Jones! I am twenty year old aspiring journalist from the wonderful city of Chicago, IL. Currently I am studying Journalism at Howard University in the School of Communications. I decided I wanted to pursue journalism because I believe in the truth. In a society where the ability to access information has become instantaneous and has gone beyond what any of our ancestors would have imagined, we have lost our authenticity reporting the news. I want to get a better understanding of how people consume media, the different ways that people read and understand the news, and how that can impact reporting. I want to help the world be able to create conversations that are supported by the truth.

Scholarships Awarded in 2021: John Lewis Good Trouble Scholarship

John Lewis believed in the passion, persistence, and power of the people, particularly young citizens, to effect change from their kitchen tables and to never give up. NSHSS honors Representative Lewis's legacy with the John Lewis Good Trouble Scholarship for students who embody the ideals of 'good trouble'.