Mia-Alani Matsubara

K12 Private Academy
Las Vegas, NV

Mia-Alani Matsubara can be defined as an aspiring world changer with one goal: to contribute to the eventual cure of Alzheimer's Disease. Mia-Alani firmly believes that age is a number that does not define or confine an individual from achieving greatness. Even though she may not possess the tools, expertise, or experience needed to uncover the cure to a mysterious condition, she is still empowered to make a difference in any capacity possible.

 One way in which Mia-Alani decided to catalyze change was by founding a nonprofit called Forget Me Never Foundation, which seeks to empower high school students in her community to build connections with those in memory care facilities who experience Alzheimer's disease, as well as educate others about this condition. In addition to being an active member of her community, Mia-Alani is also a global leader in various clubs at her international private online academy, such as the Health Science Club, NHS, SkillsUSA, and Student Council. 

At the same time, Mia-Alani is academically driven and envisions herself pursuing a career in neuropathology. Mia-Alani desires to be remembered as a visionary who relentlessly pursued her passions with a steadfast goal of uncovering the secrets of Alzheimer's. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Nobel Academic Excellence Scholarship

The NSHSS Nobel Academic Excellence Scholarship recognizes high school juniors and seniors making a positive impact on society, and how college will help these students continue to make an impact for years to come.