Parth Nikumbh

Seven Lakes High School
Katy, TX

Parth has been described as an intelligent student who has taken and succeeded in some of the most rigorous coursework. Parth is currently a member of the Seven Lakes High School Science Olympiad team, which is ranked 2nd in the nation. Outside school, Parth created a nonprofit organization, “ThinkBeyond,” which allows students beyond 5th grade to learn and explore the sciences. Parth is an active outgoing presence in his workshops as well as in class. He has excellent leadership skills and like a great leader, he knows how to acknowledge and incorporate the ideas of his peers. His love of science and medicine has provided the opportunity for him to intern with doctors and professors where he gained valuable knowledge and experience. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2022: NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award

The NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award recognizes NSHSS members under 18 with the most influential leadership qualities.