Selena Smith

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

Selena Smith is a high school junior attending the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. She was accepted into NSHSS in June 2022 and became an ambassador in the September of that year. Her extracurriculars include choir and varsity basketball, and soccer. In addition, Selena is part of various clubs at her school, including the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, DECA, and the student council. She also works part-time at SAS Geospatial, LLC, and volunteers at Camp Good News during the summer. Selena hopes to attend college after Selena graduates in 2024 to major in Industrial Design. From there, she wants to pursue a career in industrial design and one day start her own business.

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: Ambassadors of NSHSS Scholarship

NSHSS honors our high school members with the Ambassadors of NSHSS Scholarship, a program established for the student leaders within their high schools who exhibit academic excellence and strong commitment to community service.