Sharice Lacson

High Technical High School
Jersey City, NJ

Sharice Lacson is a talented filmmaker who grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, where she spent all 18 years. Sharice sees herself as an adrenaline junkie with anxiety, enjoying action sports like skateboarding and snowboarding (self-taught), dancing, and, of course, art! Growing up in an impoverished and underrepresented neighborhood of Jersey City, conditions were unfit for a child. Sharice's parents were always worried about the dangers of the streets, so she was not allowed to venture out much until high school. 

However, this taught her the importance of imagination, and she began to develop her love for storytelling and technology, which would become essential to her filmmaking career. She finds editing to be her favorite creative aspect of filmmaking, as it allows her to be the final person to put her creative outlook on a story. As an editor, Sharice loves being the last piece of the puzzle, controlling the final product. She relishes the opportunity to control what the audience sees and doesn't see, using cuts, sound choices, and shot selection to tell entertaining and inspiring stories. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Film and Video Production Scholarship