Sogo Bakare

Pike High School
Danville, IN

Sogo Bakare, a resilient and accomplished student, defied societal expectations by consistently pursuing academic excellence. Having navigated the challenges of adapting from Nigeria to the United States at a young age, Sogo quickly embraced the different societal norms, finding inspiration in encouraging individualistic thinking. 
Throughout high school, Sogo maintained an exceptional 4.616 GPA, ranking third among 576 students. She earned numerous awards as a varsity runner and team captain in cross country and track & field, showcasing her exceptional athletic abilities. 
Beyond academics, Sogo actively participated in the National Honor Society, contributing to volunteer initiatives like concessions and maintaining the cross-country course. Her passion for art, especially photography, provided a unique avenue for expressing cultural struggles and values, particularly those related to women. 
After high school graduation, Sogo is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University, driven by her dedication to education and the transformative power of photography. Determined to become a first-generation Black woman to attend college debt-free, Sogo embodies resilience and academic excellence, envisioning a future where she makes a meaningful impact on society. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Visual Arts Scholarship