Sophia Micciche

Soldotna High School
Soldotna, AK

Sophia Micciche is incredibly honored to receive the NSHSS Performing Arts: Theater Scholarship and ecstatic to share her love of performance arts. A love of learning has fueled her passion for school and driven her activism in school and community. As an active Student Council member and president of the NHS, Sophia has used her various platforms to create change and development for the better. Constantly doing her best to be a positive force in the community, Sophia is an advocate and representative for students in the community through her committee work, watercolor work, and film work. 
Theater is an enormous part of Sophia’s extracurricular life. She began performing at eight and has since been featured in 25 plays and musicals. When her home theater burned down in 2019, she worked tirelessly as a drama camp assistant and led a fundraiser raising thousands of dollars to rebuild the theater. Sophia’s love for the stage and the theater community is immeasurable. She is enormously thankful for the recognition and opportunity to continue her work in supporting and performing in local theater. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Performing Arts: Theater Scholarship