Tiebebe Gebru

Lawrence D Bell High School
Hurst, TX

Tie Gebru is a sophomore at the University of North Texas, pursuing an emergency administration and planning degree. As a first-generation student and the child of Ethiopian immigrants, Tie's journey embodies resilience and determination. His passion lies in understanding the intersection of climate change and emergency management, fueled by a desire to make a tangible impact in his community. Tie's involvement in the C.E.R.T. program in Denton has sparked his vision of becoming an emergency manager in Texas, where he can apply his knowledge and engage with communities to build resilience. Balancing academic pursuits with financial challenges, Tie seeks support for himself and fellow first-gen students striving to overcome barriers. With a genuine commitment to leaving a lasting mark and inspiring others, Tie embodies the spirit of perseverance and hope. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2024: NSHSS First Generation Scholarship

College can be challenging, from filling out financial aid, enrolling in classes, choosing a major, and making new friends. The NSHSS First Generation Scholarship recognizes first generation college students for their academic and leadership initiatives.