Uzoma Eberechukwu

Parkdale High School
New Carrollton, MD

Prosper has always loved reading, writing, and drawing from his early years. Starting from Nigeria, his dad claims he started reading at age five; he would read till late midnight and would often be forced to sleep. As an overthinker, he began writing poems and novels with the skills he learned while reading. 
Now, Prosper writes and draws in the USA to express his inner thoughts and emotions. As a form of expression for him, he keeps balance by using formats and methods to convey his message and activism while keeping it entertaining. 
Prosper attends the University of Maryland, College Park's Engineering school, and intends to major in Aerospace Engineering due to his love for math, robotics, and coding. He thanks his Mom, who kept him afoot and supported all his endeavors. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Creative Writing Scholarship