Vanya Shrivastava

John Randolph Tucker High School
Glen Allen, VA

As an aspiring entrepreneur and social advocate, Vanya Shrivastava, a senior at John Randolph Tucker High School, is deeply committed to addressing global healthcare disparities. Recognized for her exceptional achievements, she was awarded the prestigious NSHSS-DECA scholarship. A woman of color , Vanya is acutely aware of the challenges in maternal healthcare, especially for marginalized communities. This awareness spurred her to create DoulAI, an innovative AI-driven maternity care app aimed at providing affordable and reliable care for expectant mothers. 
Vanya’s dedication extends beyond technology into active community engagement. As the Virginia DECA 4th District President, she has championed various initiatives to enhance healthcare education and accessibility. Her leadership and project management skills, honed through DECA, have been pivotal in her endeavors. 
Beyond her extracurriculars, she enjoys cooking as food serves as a medium to learn and explore new cultures. She has even seen every season of Masterchef twice! 
Vanya envisions utilizing her education and scholarships to further revolutionize maternal healthcare. Her commitment to creating equitable healthcare solutions and her achievements in entrepreneurial ventures embody the NSHSS Seven Rights through her spirit of innovation and social responsibility. 

Scholarships Awarded in 2024: NSHSS-DECA Scholarship

The NSHSS-DECA Scholarship awards high school juniors and seniors who are  DECA members and who intend to pursue a college major in marketing, finance, hospitality, or business.