Vivian Ooi

Walt Whitman High School
Bethesda, MD

Vivian Ooi is a student at Walt Whitman High School who is committed to serving the community. She is the founder and co-president of Classical Hearts. This local initiative hosts free music performances at retirement homes and ticketed benefit concerts to raise money for nonprofit organizations and charities. Through Classical Hearts, she has been able to share her warm passion and spread the healing power of music to help individuals of all ages. Apart from Classical Hearts, Vivian competes in piano competitions and plays violin in a youth orchestra. Fueled by her strong desire to help others, Vivian plans to attend medical school and actively engages in various clinical and scientific-related activities, including research. Outside of music and science, Vivian competes and has placed in Model UN conferences, volunteers at a community hospital, posts dance covers on her Instagram account, and runs the school's Dance Club, which provides free dance lessons to local elementary students at remote schools.

Scholarships Awarded in 2024: NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award

The NSHSS 18 Under 18 Award recognizes NSHSS members under 18 with the most influential leadership qualities.