William Charouhis

Ransom Everglades School
Miami, FL

Will Charouhis is an environmental changemaker from Miami, Florida. After Hurricane Irma flooded Miami, Will founded Forces of Nature, leading the youngest organization accredited by the United Nations Environment Programme and the UNFCCC in his aim to halt climate change. Already leading on a global stage, Will has shared the GenZ perspective as the youngest American at UN conferences in Madrid, Glasgow, Stockholm, Bonn, and NY. He has submitted testimony to America’s White House Environmental Justice Council on his generation’s right to a healthy environment. He was widely recognized for his work in having Miami declare a climate emergency. Aiming to exert influence on the climate crisis, he also serves as a National Youth Leader in Dr. Jane Goodall’s Institute and the youth delegate for the National Wildlife Federation. A published author on the climate emergency, Will is a contributing author to The Invading Sea.
A relentless voice that it is time for his generation to act, Will leads the A Million Mangroves Initiative. He has already drawn in partners from Gabon to the Dominican Republic, sharing his mangrove research to increase restoration efforts in other coastal communities worldwide.