Alison Crowley

Ledyard Charter School
Lebanon, New Hampshire

Alison Crowley and Marianne St-Laurent are teachers at Ledyard Charter School, a small charter high school in Lebanon, NH. Together, they started the Y.E.A.H. Breakfast! (Yes to Eating Awesome Healthy Breakfast!) program this year to offer students healthy options and teach students to cook for themselves using whole, local ingredients.

Miss Crowley teaches STEM, and wanted to focus on environmental issues in both food production and consumption. Much of the food for the program is from local farms, and supplemental supplies are purchased as whole, bulk ingredients. She also makes the students use dishes and silverware (and helps them remember to wash their own dishes!)

Ms. St-Laurent is an English teacher who also focuses on healthy and wellness. She helps students make healthy, tasty dishes from scratch, like pancakes with fresh fruit and protein smoothies, while also educating students on nutrition and food’s effect on mental and physical health.

Grants Awarded in 2021: School Supplies Grant

NSHSS is always looking to find ways to support our network of educators, especially those who are constantly looking to support their students. To help offset the financial burden, NSHSS is awarding fifteen (15) high school educators $500 grants to help provide additional opportunities to their students and classrooms.