Alison Heller

Ledyard Charter School
Lebanon, NH

Mrs. Ali Heller is a STEM teacher at Ledyard Charter School, a small school in rural New Hampshire. She is a certified yoga teacher as well as an educator who has taught yoga in elementary and middle school as well as to adults. She is excited to share her yoga, meditation, tai chi, and chi gong practices with her students and provide a space for them to practice these techniques free of charge during the school day.

Grants Awarded in 2022: School Club Cash

Clubs and extracurricular activities allow students to develop leadership skills and find ways to contribute meaningfully to their community. Club advisors and sponsors often support these clubs with their own funds or through fundraising activities. To support our outstanding educators and the clubs they oversee, NSHSS is awarding ten (10) NSHSS Educators a $500 grant to help provide additional opportunities to their student clubs.