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Blazhia Parkerdanam

Blazhia Parkerdanam
  • Alhambra, CA
  • Mark Keppel High School

I decided to become a teacher because I never felt visible as a black student in mainstream classes. I did
not see myself reflected in the teachers I had in secondary and post-secondary school. I think there are
chasms between race and class that infiltrate academic institutions and without proper representation
and understanding, this chasm can harm children of color at alarming rates. I felt that my direct action as
a black woman in the educational sphere could reduce these chasms by challenging viewpoints and
providing more inclusive spaces with various degrees of cultural capital for my students.

I desire to promote a respected, equitable, and inclusive (as best as possible) learning environment for
students. The goal is to create “Citizen Scholars,” who represent the innovative qualities of thought,
compassion and action. As we become more aware of the world of ideas, which encompasses and
surrounds us all, our ability to engage in the discourse of the world will expand. This very necessary
transformation will result in our emergence as an impactful member of society.

Grant Awarded in 2022: Higher Education Grant

The Higher Education Grant recognizes educators by helping them achieve their professional development goals by helping with the costs of tuition and course-related expenses for teachers and counselors who are enrolling in university courses.