Bob Fenster

Hillsborough High School
Hillsborough, NJ
Bob Fenster is in his 30th year of teaching social studies at Hillsborough High School. This past year he was inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. In addition to teaching AP US Government and Politics and US History I Honors, he advises Model Congress, Model United Nations, Mock Trial, Amnesty International, and the Pride & Prejudice podcast. Bob also serves as the Educational Program Specialist for Revolution NJ, helping to prepare the state's programs for the upcoming 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
Grants Awarded in 2022: NSHSS Educator of the Year Awards

The Educator of the Year Awards are presented annually to exemplary educators who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to preparing students for success in college and in life. These awardees model best practices in teaching or administration inside and outside of the classroom, are peer role models, and demonstrate outstanding leadership and excellence in education. Any NSHSS Educator teaching high school has the opportunity to apply.