Cecil Davis

DAVIS Learning Academy
Stone Mountain, GA

Cecil Davis is the Executive Director and Lead Coach of DAVIS Learning Academy. DAVIS Learning Academy, which operates under DAVIS Learning Solutions, LLC, partners with community organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students in Georgia. Cecil is known for his dedication to youth development both on the court, field, and in the classroom.

Coaching enables Cecil to instill solid sportsmanship as well as academic achievement. Athletics can provide healthy training opportunities for understanding and navigating life challenges such as setting goals, establishing a disciplined routine, learning and executing strategy, and establishing strong character. Cecil's Coaching Philosophy encourages good sportsmanship, strong athletics, and even stronger character. The benefits of athletics include learning how to work as a team, perseverance, sparking creativity, camaraderie, and health.

As a Coach Cecil is able to provide Academic Mentorship, Atheletic Shoe Giveaways, Facilitate Volunteerism, and expose atheletes to academic enrichment opportunities with Field Trips. Grant funding provides non-traditional students with access to quality high school athletic programs and the opportunity to extend these scholastic initiatives.

Grants Awarded in 2024: NSHSS Athletic Sponsor Grant

NSHSS supports and recognizes educators who actively contribute to the holistic development of high school students by serving as athletic sponsors. We aim to provide financial assistance and resources to educators who go above and beyond in fostering a positive and enriching athletic experience for high school students. NSHSS is providing four (4) $500 grants to educators who assist in the athletic endeavors of their students.