Chrysalis Wright

Sunshine State Academy K-12
Apopka, FL

Sunshine State Academy K-12 (SSA) is an independent private school in Florida that focuses on non-traditional and remote learning as well as home education. SSA is Directed by Dr. Chrysalis Wright, a developmental psychologist and homeschool parent. SSA believes that learning should be student led and designed to meet the unique needs of each individual student. SSA emphasizes that learning takes place when intrinsic motivation is fostered and hands-on, experiential opportunities are emphasized. Receiving this grant will allow SSA to provide free and low-cost science based experiential learning opportunities to our community.

Grants Awarded in 2023: NSHSS Experiential Learning Grants

Experiential learning programs can stimulate academic inquiry by promoting interdisciplinary learning, civic engagement, career development, cultural awareness, leadership, and other professional and intellectual skills. NSHSS is giving three (3) high school educators $1,000 grants to help provide experiential opportunities to their students and classrooms.