Jasmine Hall

Langston Hughes High School
Douglasville, GA

Jasmine Hall is an AVID/Economics/Current Issues Educator. Not only does Ms. Hall support her scholars, but she aims to provide an enjoyable environment for our entire student body as she serves as the freshman class sponsor and Student Government Association co-sponsor. This passion has been instrumental in her previous accomplishments, such as being recognized as the 2016 Teacher of the Year and the 2018 V-103 September Teacher of the Month. She is pursuing an additional reading certification to further support her scholars in strengthening their capacity to learn and excel academically. Her passion for educating is evident in her commitment to serving her 9th-grade AVID scholars and the freshman class.

Grants Awarded in 2024: School Supplies Grant

NSHSS is always looking to find ways to support our network of educators, especially those who are constantly looking to support their students. To help offset the financial burden, NSHSS is awarding fifteen (15) high school educators $500 grants to help provide additional opportunities to their students and classrooms.