Kimberly Hackett

Triton High School
Fayetteville, NC

Kimberly Hackett has been a business and marketing education teacher for the past 27 years and currently works at Triton High School as the Business/Marketing Department Chair, FBLA Co-Advisor, DECA Advisor, Cross Country Coach, and all-around fixer. She has been involved with FBLA for over 25 years and DECA for 5 years. She’s an active participant in her church and likes to travel with her boys to provide them with various cultural learning opportunities along the east coast.

Grants Awarded in 2024: NSHSS Athletic Sponsor Grant

NSHSS supports and recognizes educators who actively contribute to the holistic development of high school students by serving as athletic sponsors. We aim to provide financial assistance and resources to educators who go above and beyond in fostering a positive and enriching athletic experience for high school students. NSHSS is providing four (4) $500 grants to educators who assist in the athletic endeavors of their students.