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NSHSS Global Student Voices Series

NSHSS Global Student Voices Series: Diplomacy and Public-Service

In this fourth episode of the NSHSS Global Student Voices series, Executive Vice-President of the NSHSS Student Council Executive Board, Greyson Hoye, and Vice President of Special Events on the Fellows Program Executive Board, Kolby Koe, discuss a series of questions highlighting the overarching NSHSS membership experience on a global scale. The gentlemen also discuss their current involvement in international diplomacy and public services and the impact and value it's had on their personal, academic, and professional experiences. 

NSHSS Global Student Voices: Future-Focused Following COVID-19

On May 14, 2020, we invited a group of NSHSS Ambassadors and Student Council members to share their current thoughts and predictions as they move towards their academic and professional futures following the COVID-19 pandemic. Some students agreed that universities should not charge for room and board if the university was transitioning to e-learning, even if it was only for a semester or two. Additionally, despite what one might think, the pandemic did not deter the students from their chosen career paths, even our aspiring neurosurgeon. The chat closed with the students describing 2020 with their favorite meme!  

NSHSS Global Student Voices: Sweden-NYC

On April 24, 2020, Vice President of NSHSS Student Council General Body, Annika from Sweden, led a chat between herself and two NSHSS members (and twin brothers) from NYC, Cole and Drew regarding their life surrounding COVID-19. Drew shared that he and his mother were experiencing symptoms of the disease and the feelings of concern that it caused. The students noted that social distancing was seemingly bringing people together and felt they were actually "united in the separation." Again, the students expressed an undeniable sense of resilience through this uncertain time.  

NSHSS Global Student Voices: U.S.-China

On April 11, 2020, NSHSS Ambassador from New Hampshire, Lauren, led a talk with two NSHSS students from China, Clement and Vincent to discuss their experiences regarding COVID-19. The three students connected through Instagram Live and shared what life was like personally and academically in the midst of the pandemic. It was clear that although the students expressed a real concern for the spread of the disease, all remained hopeful and optimistic about the future.