Hear from Intern Readiness Certificate Program Alumni

The Intern Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) is an immersive virtual program designed by NSHSS to prepare students for a successful transition into the professional world. Through ten modules and two live sessions, the course fosters both personal and professional development.

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IRCP Alumni describe the program as...

"A really good experience that has helped me to grow both as a professional and as a person.

- Andres Rodriguez

"An engaging program that cements meaningful values for an internship" 

- Zoe Phillipsen

"Incredibly informational, definitely worth it!" 

- Kaitlyn Charette

"An excellent program to put on a college, internship, or job application" 

- Joseph Larosa

Top 3 skills you'll learn according to past students

IRCP alumni testimonials

Erykah Platts

“Every module was full of valuable information, and I intend to use it for future endeavors. I am grateful for this program and for learning what it means to be a successful intern.”

Andrea Mottau

“I am so thankful to have received the opportunity to partake in such a wonderful course and I feel much more confident in my future endeavors. Not only were these modules informative, but they were extremely fun as well! Thank you Mr. De Rozario as well as the NSHSS team and all the wonderful guest speakers.”

Czarina Almira Cabulisan

“Throughout this course, I gained valuable knowledge and skills that I will take with me throughout my academic life as well as my career. Thank you to the people behind this for creating all the informative and very helpful modules."

Murielle Wandji

“This was an exceptional experience. Thank you, Mr. Fabian and your team for all your hard work and dedication put into these modules, I really appreciated it because of how informative they all were. Thank you to the panelists for taking the time to meet with us in every meeting.”

Alexandra Lazarenko

"Thank you so much to all the participants in this course—it has been a thrilling and informative 10 weeks, and I hope to keep getting to know all of you—as well as the rest of the NSHSS community—as we all venture out into the world to make a positive difference.”

Anna Ruth Deal

“Each and every module given to us has changed my mindset on how to approach an internship, how to talk to a supervisor, and how to go day by day and give it your all. Thank you for this opportunity to expand my knowledge. This webinar will help me with my current adventure of taking on college. I feel more prepared now than when I started so thank you!"

Dustin Siebert

"The examples helped me understand just what I was supposed to be thinking about. This content has opened my eyes to just how much you have to think about. I will most definitely use this information in the future."

Claire Dunham

"The activities make me think about how I would use what I have learned, making the skills more memorable."

Julia Gebretatiyos

"Every time a new module is opened, I am excited to open it and learn something new."

Madison Hays

"NSHSS has incredible learning opportunities and provides services that allow for personal beneficial growth! One program NSHSS offers is the Intern Readiness Program, which teaches leadership and allows individuals to prepare their skills before positioning themselves within an internship. Not only are these benefits ideal for educational growth, they can aid in financial support and provide fun experiences for many to enjoy! I am so lucky and honored I was able to join NSHSS and utilize the opportunities provided!"

Amaan Shirwani

"Three things I found beneficial in the course were the information and ideas it provided, the motivation and inspiration the activities and the videos gave, and the format and layout of the modules."

Josh Banks

"A really professional and well done seminar."

Luchiano Fernando
IRCP Alumni

“This course opened my eyes to BIG hitters in the workplace. These skills will help me be successful beyond my work life. I will be able to communicate with anybody and develop meaningful relationships. I feel this course made a positive impact on my future and I have recommended it to many of my peers.”

Alexis Choi

"This course was SO helpful. I was pleasantly surprised at how organized, in-depth, and easy to navigate everything was! I've come away from this program with much more knowledge on internships and skills that I hope I can put to use in real life! I think this course is one that everyone, whether you're a student or an adult going to work, can benefit from."

Hilda Diyoh

"This course is exceptional and it opens your mind about work ethics and how to appropriately accomplish tasks. I have learned so much to help me prepare for future internships."

Zane Thompson

"This was an amazing program. I learned so much about managing my time, building important relationships, having the right leadership qualities, and so much more!"

Jason Brooks

"The NSHSS Intern Readiness Program was a huge influence on my perspective on life and how to handle the working challenges of life. I feel like I have learned what it takes to be a successful intern through and by each of the ten modules, and I fully recommend to anyone and everyone to take this course if you can! The instructors make a big percentage of the reason why I had such a pleasurable experience because they spoke to us in a manner that was informative, encouraging, and realistic. I had a blast navigating the Intern Readiness Program, and I wish all of those who take it in the future a fun and educational experience."

Emma Snider

"This course was really great considering I'm about to look for my first job here soon. I feel more confident in the abilities I can offer in the workplace."

Trista Miller

"I really enjoyed attending this program and learned a lot about what to do and what not to do in internships, which I surprisingly didn't know much about. I also enjoyed being able to connect with new people all across the country!"

Naohmi Rivadeneira

"The course was extremely insightful and taught me so much on proper work skills and etiquette. I feel so much more prepared and informed for internships than I was before. I recommend this program for sure."

Alexa Melendez

"This course was very great I enjoyed it very much because their was so much different information given about many different things to help me improve as a person."

Sothi Pichvong
IRCP Alumni

"I actually do think differently about internships now that I've taken the IRCP course. It helped me realize that an internship isn't just about you or what you're good at; it's also about how you interact with your coworkers and workplace. Everything you do or say will have an impact on everyone you work with. The ten modules are all very beneficial, and each one focuses on a different area of preparing you for the challenges you may face during an internship."

Abdussalam Raheem

"The Intern Readiness Certificate Program is a very informative course. I know more about being an intern despite never being one. I know how to act, what I need to do, and everything I need to know to prepare me to be a fantastic intern and an employee. In this course, I could engage in the lessons and leave my own experiences and opinions, not just mindlessly reading the modules. Experts in the workplace give advice and answer your questions, and there is a discussion board where you can talk with other people going through the same course to discuss each module's lessons. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants/is an intern and even a full-time employee. This is a wonderful course, and you can hardly find one well structured and informative as the IRCP."

Anna Catherine Sgroi

"I really enjoyed this course! It taught me a lot of important information through videos, articles, interactive quizzes/questions and more! I am very excited to apply this information to my future internships!"

Arev Maria Boyadjian

"The insightful tips have really shaped my thoughts and motivated me overall becoming a better person, such as learning how to manage time, communicate effectively, and overall being able to think critically."

Keila Toledo-Scott

"This course was super helpful in learning how to be a good member of the workforce and also being mindful to others. It helped me really process that I am only in control of myself and that I need to put my best self forward always and opportunities will come."

Theovani Hallums

"I've had a wonderful time with the course. The information was valuable, the instructors were personable, and the structure of the course was not very demanding at all. I very much suggest this course to most, if not all, young adults seeking to get involved in internships or simply continuing their employment journey."

Anaiya Hicks

"This course was really eye opening for me. I learned things about myself that I haven't taken the time to learn. Not only that, I gained skills to properly communicate with others and how to manage my time. I learned many other things but these two have helped me the most so far. All of this new information will help me a lot in the future and I'm glad I decided to take the class."

Juliany Tartas

"If you're looking to start an internship soon or you have already done one in the past but you feel like you need some improvement this Intern Readiness Program is a great way to start. Not only does is it help you become a better intern but also prepares for your career and the real world, like time management, communication, inclusivity, and more."

Cole Morgan

"This course is great for students looking for guidance about dealing with the realities of being an employee or in an intern. This course helps with managing time, anything that could happen in the workplace, how to write an email, talk to your boss, etc. If students are looking for answers to these questions this is the course for them."

Kiera Burton

"This course is very beneficial and i learned a lot on how to communicate with others and things I should keep in mind in a workplace. Even outside of internships I learned a lot about communication."

Natalie Choi

"I thought this course was really helpful. Make sure to pay attention and take detailed notes, as I believe much of this will be helpful in the future. You don't learn how to "do" internships in school, and this course taught you essentially everything you usually have to figure out yourself the hard way. I thought the panelists were very knowledgeable and well-spoken, and it was cool to hear all of their experiences."

Cassandra Chan

"This course is really helpful with learning about yourself and various aspects of your mindset or actions that you need to work on. I learned a lot about what skills I need to grow in order to be successful in a team setting."

Paulene Grier

"I've always been weary about getting a job or applying for an internship. This course gave me a look at what I can can expect and gave me materials to help me exceed in the working world."

Brooke Frazer

"This was a wonderful course for students looking for internships, jobs, or to help you understand yourself and become better in all aspects of life."

Sandra Martinez

"Take the chance and try the course out. You never know what you might take with you into your future!"

Aniket Shetty

"This course was great! I came in having minimal knowledge about internship, and now I feel like my skills rival that of an expert. Great course!"

Saisharan Puppala

"The course helped me to improve my communication, social, and interpersonal skills to be an effective intern in the workforce."

Michael Hoang

"The Intern Readiness Certificate Program here at NSHSS has really propelled my knowledge and skills related to the world of internships. Throughout my journey with the program, I've learned a lot and think that I am ready to enter any internship I may choose in the future, and be confident and one step closer to success than I would have otherwise been."

Hunter Garcia

"This is a great course that teaches you lots of skills that are guaranteed to be important later in your life, for sure."

Destany Wilson

"This course really helped me learn more about being professional and about what to be prepared for in the real world. I took good notes with this course, and I will be re-reading these notes and using what I learned in the real world. I give this course a 10/10."

Karissa Marcum
IRCP Alumni

"This course is an amazing opportunity. I learned so much about how to carry myself in the professional world and even in day-to-day life. It is definitely worth the time. Thank you, NSHSS for this course!"

Gabriella Blangiardo

"I am very grateful for this course. It has made me feel much more confident about my actions in the workplace. I am excited and prepared to get an internship this summer."

Nicole Garcia

"I found this course to be incredibly insightful and detailed. It gave me a lot of tips and guidance that I now implement in my daily life."

Aeven Woldekiros

"This course provides valuable insights into the essentials of effective communication and leadership. The modules are well-structured, with practical examples and relevant models."

Yeseo Park

"I think I learned several new things that sometimes I thought was logical but turned out to be wrong to do in formal places. I think it was a beneficial time to learn essential things for an internship."

Darick Pham

"I love the IRCP! The program has opened my eyes to a few more things that are very beneficial going forward as I pursue internships and how to act during my time as an intern. Even if you have gone to industry panels and many leadership trainings, IRCP will have something that will teach you how to grow and become a better person and intern!"

Campbell Chigbu

"This course has changed my view and perspective on how to tackle different situations in life even as an intern and it has provided me with core values and ethics that would shape my actions and decisions. I am so happy I took this course."

Kyle Palo

"I really liked the progression of the course and its ability to draw back on previous modules to connect principles. I found the live sessions extremely valuable because I was able to ask people with experience, questions."

Luc Jodoin

"When I came into this, I had no idea what I was doing. As I'm leaving, I've realized the importance and nuances of skills I wasn't even aware of. Thank you!"

Mary Royes
IRCP Alumni

"This course gives you the opportunity to have accessible resources which better you as a person and therefore better your work place behaviors. It is designed to either give you the starting blocks for bettering yourself or to help you push yourself in a way which furthers your strengths."

Janawai John
IRCP Alumni

"Being apart of this program can be a great way to prepare for future internships and gain valuable skills and knowledge. It can help you develop professional communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, as well as providing insights into the workplace environment."

Abhinav Tanniru
IRCP Alumni

"This course provides you with all of the information to succeed in your internships. This course covers topics such as professionalism, diversity, leadership, mental health, and staying true to yourself. It teaches you to respond to setbacks and difficulties in a positive and innovative fashion. Overall, you will come out of this course prepared and ready for your internship journey."

Victoria Kim
IRCP Alumni

"This course helps you a lot not only as an intern, but as an individual who lives in a society with other people. They also mention some tips for virtual environment which will be helpful for your internship!"

Macarena Aguirre-Low
IRCP Alumni

"This course was amazing! I learned many new skills to become an intern and to be a be a better person. I initially took this course for better time management skills but not only did it help with that, it also made me more prepared for the workplace."

Previous guests at our IRCP live sessions

Gregory J. Goff

Gregory (Greg) J. Goff most recently served as Executive Vice Chairman of Marathon Petroleum Corporation, an integrated downstream energy company, until his retirement in 2019. Mr. Goff joined Marathon Petroleum in 2018 following its acquisition of Andeavor, a leading petroleum refining, marketing, and logistics company formerly known as Tesoro Corporation. From 2010 to 2018, he served as Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Andeavor and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Andeavor Logistics LP (f/k/a Tesoro Logistics LP), a NYSE-listed master limited partnership that owned, operated, and developed crude oil, refined products, and natural gas gathering and processing logistics assets. Under Mr. Goff’s leadership, Andeavor generated total returns of over 1,200%, significantly outperforming the U.S. Energy sector’s total return of 55% during his tenure. In 2018, Harvard Business Review named Mr. Goff one of the “Best-Performing CEOs in the World.

Tanya Odom

Tanya has a unique global portfolio of professional global experiences combining work in the corporate, not-for-profit/ NGO, philanthropic, law enforcement, civil rights, and education arenas.

Her areas of professional focus and expertise include: diversity, equity, and inclusion, individual and community wellbeing, gender equity, civil rights/human rights, mindfulness, philanthropy, and education.

She has a strong background and long-term commitment to issues of inclusion, equity, and community building.

Tanya is trains and practices mindfulness and wellbeing

Paraag Maddiwar

Paraag Maddiwar joined the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) in January 2020 in the newly created Director of Professional Programs position. Paraag was born in New York, raised in Kentucky, and holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University. He joined SASE after taking an early retirement as a Director at Procter & Gamble, following a 20-year career spanning manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain.

While at P&G, Paraag learned first-hand the power of a strong Asian-American ERG program and he is excited to drive the SASE mission to build the leadership potential and business impact of the Asian-American STEM professional community.

Ashaki Wilham

Ashaki Wilham graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. 

She began her career in the flavor and fragrance industry where she spent time developing her skills as a beverage Product Development Scientist. 
In her current role as Flavorist and manager of the Flavor Research and Development Team, she curates and drives the strategic vision for flavor supply and growth for The Coca-Cola Company. 
Ashaki leads a group focused on citrus innovation, continuity, and productivity for the global market. Their work supports multiple functions within the organization, including R&D, Supply Chain, Quality, and Manufacturing. 

Ashaki also serves on The Company’s AABRG board as President of The African American Technical Network.

Robby Gulri

I aim to use my technology and business skills for a better world.  

I bring over 25 years of technology, leadership, and solutions-selling experience. I have launched numerous SaaS products and solutions to market in predictive analytics, cyber security, mobile device security, email encryption, cloud transformation, and artificial intelligence platforms totaling over $200M ARR since 2000.

I have worked in senior marketing, solutions-selling, and leadership roles at emerging companies, including Illuminate360, Echoworx, and Yahoo!   

I serve on multiple boards and hold non-profit positions with the mission of eliminating the digital divide and broadband inequality, including Smart Broadband and Community Consulting Teams of Atlanta, where we provide over $1M of consulting expertise, all pro-bono, to 15 non-profits annually in marketing, strategy, IT, and board development. In April 2017, I was appointed to the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2018.  

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics from Georgia Tech and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focusing on the Management of Information Systems & Marketing from the Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University. 

I am a speaker, author, and frequent guest on numerous podcasts and online media platforms to discuss how technology can help transform the business to scale.  

I am a proud husband and father of two beautiful girls, ages 21 and 16.

Sundy Grubel

Sundy is a design executive with over 25 years of leadership in UX design, design research, industrial design, and physical design.

Sundy has expertise in studying people to develop insights that inform design strategies across the retail digital and in-store experience, employee and associate experience, consumer and B2B e-commerce, omnichannel, and digital consumer experience, bringing a holistic view and strategic design vision to solve complex challenges and address critical business operations. 

Sundy has helped launch startups, paving the way for innovation and unique business offerings to augment the current context. She has also successfully set up design studios in New York City, Austin, Texas, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, GA. Her design leadership background and understanding of business operations and strategy have positioned Sundy in a vital leadership role in some of the world’s largest and most successful consulting firms and businesses. 

As Managing Director at Accenture, Sundy led the regional design practice for Fjord, Accenture’s design and innovation capability, and is one of the world’s most respected leaders in Service Design. Her leadership and contribution played a foundational role in rethinking the human and digital experience across many use cases, from reimagining the in-store and physical drive-through for a major QSR to defining the future car buying experience for consumers and associates and transforming the employee experience for one of the world’s largest global hospitality chains. 

Patrick Daniel

Patrick C. Daniel is a proven strategic thought-leader and hands-on contributor who brings extensive experience improving the performance of high-profile organizations within the United States, London, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and France.  

Patrick's career passion involves creating and aligning business strategy, and operational processes with Human Capital strategies for businesses and organizations.  

Sofia Gonzalez

Sofia Gonzalez is a High School AP English teacher and Literacy Lab Instructor at Morton East High School in Cicero, IL. In addition, she is a College Adjunct with Moreland University who empowers future teachers in their teacher licensure program. She is also an Education Activist who has been in the field of education for over a decade and has a curriculum focus on culturally responsive pedagogy, racial equity, social justice, and global competency frameworks. What’s more, she is the lead visionary for the non-profit Project 214. Inspired by her first classroom number 214, Project 214 provides educational resources to underserved teachers and students locally and abroad. Her recent focus has been taking her seat at decision-making tables where she can amplify the lived experiences of the Latinx community for the sake of social change and informing education policy.  

Max Staines

Max is the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales at D2L, managing a diverse team of sales professionals who embody our passion for excellence and our commitment to our customers’ success. He is an inspirational executive who develops high-performing teams with a “lead from the front” style.

Max brings over 25 years of experience as a senior leader in SaaS and IT Management Consulting firms. Prior to joining D2L in 2020, Max served as SVP of Sales at Densify for seven years and President of the North American Region at Information Service Group after the successful merger with Compass Group where he was President of the North American Region for seven years. He has a broad track record of success from growing start-ups, to managing the P&L of multi-million-dollar technology enterprises.

Max holds a B.A. (Honors) in Economics and Business from the University of Waterloo and when he’s not helping enterprises upskill their talent, you can find him on the slopes or the links.

Paul Korel

A lifelong student of the Advertising industry, I’ve had the pleasure of being a creative student, creative copywriter, creative professor, and most recently a creative recruiter. 

Early in my professional career, I knew I wasn’t suited for a suit or traditional office job. Thankfully, curiosity led me to The Creative Circus portfolio school in 2003, where I sharpened my focus and honed my copywriting craft. Post Circus, I worked with various award-winning advertising agencies throughout the country both in full-time roles and as a freelance creative. In 2009, I returned to The Creative Circus with the snazzy title of Senior Copy Advisor–teaching and mentoring aspiring creative students eager to work at the best ad agencies in the world. In 2018, Knack Recruiting was started to leverage my extensive creative network and help fellow creatives find better creative career fits. So far, so good.

Heather Harris

Heather Harris’s background is in education and public health, and she has a passion for innovative approaches to population health management and patient care, as demonstrated by both her professional and personal life. She is the Executive Director of the Science, Medical Affairs and Research Team – North America for Cognivue, Inc., a digital biomarker of brain health, whose mission is to elevate the gold standard of cognitive health assessment, reduce the stigma of cognitive issues, and empower action with early detection in diverse and underserved populations. Prior to her 5 years with Cognivue, she led a team of international key opinion leaders in the healthcare community as the Director of Medical Affairs for Infectious Diseases & Virology for Merck (ranked 71st on the 2022 Fortune 500) for over 15 years, leading and implementing programs related to population health management and quality of life issues with a focus on in underrepresented populations.

Heather is currently on the board of directors for the Alliance for Aging and is the chair of the Communication and Development Committee. Along with her work with the Alliance, she is also an active volunteer in executive leadership roles with organizations such as the Junior League of Miami – an organization that works to support families in need in Miami-Dade County, Beaux Arts of Miami – an organization that brings cultural arts to the Miami-Dade public school system, the Coral Gables Community Foundation – specifically focused on scholarship funding and diversity distribution throughout south Florida, and the Racial Equity Institute (REI)  - an organization that is dedicated to the work of creating racially equitable organizations and systems. 

Heather is most inspired by her role as a wife, a mother of 3 under the age of 10, and as the daughter-in-law of an aging parent (defined as part of the sandwich generation - caring for their own children and their aging parents at the same time). Heather is based in Miami, Florida and when not in meetings, presentations, or handling emails, Heather enjoys time with her family experiencing the wonderful mix of people and cultures, along with the beautiful scenery and experiences throughout South Florida.

Joel Miller

Joel Miller, Ed.S., serves as the Curriculum Development Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) since June 2022. With an educational background in Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction and a focus on Psychology, History & Economics at the University of Tennessee, Joel's academic achievements have laid a solid foundation for his role. Before joining FEE, Joel's experience includes 14 years as a public school teacher, instructing AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, History, and Personal Finance at South Forsyth High School. His contributions there include authoring curriculum-based lessons for various state and national organizations, creating virtual courses in AP Economics and Personal Finance, and coaching several state championships in the Economics Challenge and a pair of state championships in boys and girls cross country. In 2020, Joel was awarded both the John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Award and the Georgia Economics Teacher of the Year. These accolades reflect his commitment to excellence in the field.

Joel has worked with the Georgia Council on Economic Education, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and the Council for Economic Education, as a curriculum writer and curriculum consultant. Moreover, he has served as a client services associate at Fountain Financial Advisors & Financial Consultants Group and as a Moneywise Mentor, displaying his adeptness in financial planning. Joel’s varied experiences highlight his dedication to education and economics, making him a valuable asset to the Learning Center team at FEE.

 Joel collaborates extensively with school districts across the U.S. as a professional development advocate and author of resources, enhancing economic literacy and shaping the next generation of economic thinkers. 

Brittney Chiaravalle

Brittney is a Quality and Food Safety Professional hailing from Memphis, TN. She holds a B.S. Degree in Food Science from UT-Knoxville, where she participated in several campus leadership
organizations, such as Minority Recruitment, College Ambassadors, and Undergraduate Mentorship. Upon graduation in 2015, she began her professional career with Unilever as a QA Supervisor. After spending roughly two years in the human food industry, she crossed over into the animal food industry and began working for Nestle Purina PetCare. After holding various QA roles in several processing facilities throughout the network, she continued working in the pet food space, obtaining a role in Regulatory Affairs at Hill's Pet Nutrition. Since coming to Hill's, Brittney has recently returned to the Quality function, serving in her current role as Senior Quality Specialist supporting Hill's co-manufacturing business. In her spare time, Brittney enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, shopping, exercising, traveling, and playing with her dog, Peaches.

Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell, Bio: Ben is the child of 2 school teachers, and attended Winter Park High School, graduating in 1999 with an IB diploma. He attended the University of Florida (UF) and graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a concentration in Film.

After graduation, Ben worked at UF as a content and media developer and enrolled in a graduate program in Educational Technology. He received a Master’s degree in Education and worked for over 10 years as an instructional designer and product manager at UF, UC Berkeley, and Silicon Valley software startups.   
For the past 10 years, Ben has worked at D2L as a Solutions Engineer, delivering educational tools and resources for K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers. As VP of Solutions Engineering, Ben oversees a team of 50 global professionals helping to transform the way the world learns. Ben has also started several small businesses focused on health and sustainability. Ben lives in Asheville, NC, with his wife, 2 kids, and lots of pets.    

Keisha Wallace

Keisha Wallace is the founder and CEO of Acewall Scholars, an educational support agency in Richmond, VA.  Acewall Scholars' goal is to ensure that "no child is left behind".  Through academic coaching and tutoring, mentorship and life coaching, as well as, teacher placements and home school services, Acewall Scholars' works to give each student a vision to reach for more. Keisha is a graduate of both University of Alabama in Huntsville and Oakwood University with degrees in Industrial Systems Engineering, and Applied Mathematics, respectively. An adjunct math professor at J.Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Keisha Wallace has also developed STEM programs that work towards bridging the gap between K-12 and postsecondary education for all students needing assistance, while also targeting underserved communities.

Kolby Keo

Kolby Keo is a Director at FGS Global, where he develops and executes public diplomacy and communications campaigns for international clients. He previously led stakeholder engagement for the University of California Washington Program (UCDC). Son and grandson of Cambodian refugees, he proudly worked as a legislative aide for U.S. Representative Alan Lowenthal, helping serve the largest Khmer community outside of Cambodia. Kolby serves as co-chair of the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL). He is a past president of the global nonprofit Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) and served as a city commissioner for his hometown, Garden Grove, California from 2013 to 2015. Kolby received a BA from UC Irvine where he graduated summa cum laude with the Chancellor’s Award of Distinction. He is a proud transfer alum from Orange Coast College where he served as student body president, district trustee, and held regional and statewide offices advocating for California’s community college students.

Morgan Vazquez

Morgan Vazquez is the Global Head of Early Career Recruiting at Wells Fargo. Morgan has become a leader in the Talent Development industry through her prominent positions at Walmart, BNY Melon, and JPMorgan Chase  & Co. Morgan joined Walmart in August 2020 from the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) where she was in a similar role as the Global Head of Campus Recruiting and Emerging Talent Programs. In her five years at BNY Mellon, she led the redesign of their campus recruiting function with a focus on attracting, developing, and retaining a strong pipeline of future leaders. Prior to BNY Mellon, Morgan spent six years at JPMorgan Chase in a variety of Human Resources roles. Morgan is a graduate of Fordham University (Bronx, New York) where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Communications summa cum laude. Aside from being a passionate alumna at her alma mater and serving on the Fordham University Alumni Association Advisory Board, she is also the proud National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) Fellow. Furthermore, Morgan is a steadfast champion of Diversity & Inclusion and has been named to EMpower/Yahoo Finance’s list of Top 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders. 

Luke Whitcomb

Luke Whitcomb is a biomedical research scientist at Colorado State University studying mitochondrial physiology and metabolic rewiring in response to environmental stressors. He is currently applying for MD-Ph.D programs. Outside of the lab, he enjoys running, climbing, cycling, woodworking, and reading books on world history.

Carly Bryeans

Carly leads the philanthropic efforts for the Georgia Section of the PGA as the Foundation Manager. Her expertise in partnerships comes from years as a Partnerships Account Executive at the Orange Bowl Foundation. 

Carly's lifelong passion for sports, and golf specifically, brought her to this dream role where she can marry her non-profit work with a love for the game. 

Madeline Dunn

Madeline is a current graduate student at Georgia State University working to complete a Master of Social Work with a focus on Community Partnerships and Nonprofit Management. She graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Communication, and Creative Writing.

Madeline has engaged in multiple internships within teaching, community outreach, donor relations, and government reform. She is currently an Emergency Assistance Intern for Kennesaw State University CARE Services where she helps provide emergency assistance to college students experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. The program is widely awarded as the National Best Practice Model by the National Center for Homeless Education, the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, and the SchoolHouse Connection. 

Claire Kirsch

Claire Kirsch currently resides in Pennsylvania where she works in social services as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Claire is a 2018 and 2021 graduate of Mount Aloysius College, where she pursued a bachelor of arts in psychology with a specialization in counseling and minors in choral performance and expressive arts, and her master of science in community counseling. Claire enjoys volunteering with local theatre organizations and working on personal/professional development. Claire currently manages The Hope Connection, a program focused on bridging the gap between the general public and mental health services. Claire has completed over 200 hours of community service over the past year, supporting organizations across Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and West Virginia. Claire is additionally serving as American Pageants Ms of America 2023.

Eljin Rhymes

In 2022, I was selected as one of the top rising HBCU engineers to be awarded by Kiewit Construction through the sponsoring of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund because of my innovative ambitions for my career choice. My work has also been featured on Alfred B. Maclay High School Webpage, Lockheed Martin RMS, National Society of Black Engineers (Jr. Chapter), and on the National Society of High School Scholars blog. Alongside my technical skillset, I have developed E3 Essentials LLC, a customizable vending machine service that strives to be the most reliable vending service locally. As a Black-owned small business, I am seeking grants/investors that will help grow the company to great heights.

Helena Coloma

Helena Coloma is a Pre-Med/Pre-Dental undergraduate student studying Biology at Harvard University. She is currently the NSHSS Collegiate Council Executive Board Co-Vice President of Member Engagement. She was on the NSHSS Collegiate Council and has won two NSHSS scholarships, including the STEM Innovation in Artificial Intelligence scholarship, the Collegiate Council Leadership scholarship, and an Honorable Mention for the How I Got Into My Dream School scholarship for her story on how NSHSS helped her get into UC Berkeley. She initially started her undergraduate career at UC Berkeley, studying Molecular & Cellular Biology, where she gained lab research experience. She was intern-trained at NASA, has been working as a front dental office receptionist, and has experience in dental assisting. Helena is also a former Miss Teen California and Miss Michigan. 

Emily Smith

As a Digital Media Specialist, I am passionate about spreading vital messages on social media through graphic design, filmmaking, and photography. I love being creative and am savvy in identifying trends.

Filmmaking has always been a hobby of mine and I decided to turn that into a career by becoming a Filmmaking Instructor. As a filmmaking Instructor, I encourage the next generation of female filmmakers by teaching them essential tools to succeed within the film business.

I am a dedicated learner who is currently working towards my master’s degree in Communication Management at the University of Southern California. Learning never stops.

My love for animals lead me to create a volunteer organization that aids animals. This experience has taught me leadership skills that I use within academia and the workforce.

Priyal Taneja

I’m an 18-year-old developer based in Toronto, Ontario who loves to leverage technology-based solutions that maximize my positive impact on society. I’ve dabbled in a few diverse projects and experiences; from researching quantum computing fundamentals where I later built a Quantum Support Vector Machine simulation to predict cardiovascular disease to hypothesizing a moonshot company to address nonrenewable energy reliance.

At the moment, my current obsession is exploring AI and figuring out how we can engineer solutions to our existing problems. I spent last summer as a SWE intern @ Stealth Startup, where I pushed a prototype of a generative insights engine that uses semantic search intelligence to analyze large corpuses of data to production.
Along the way, I’ve been working with Cohere’s Developer Relations team to popularize AI project-building for GenZ.

My long-term goal is to solve problems that matter to me and the world. As I continue to build the skills + experiment with different projects, I value the community I’ve built and am excited to foster more meaningful relationships.

Myr'lice' Dickens-Morse

Myr'lice' is a Sophomore at Middle Georgia State University in Macon, GA, majoring in Media and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Myr'lice currently works in her university's Center for Career & Leadership Development as a Marketing Student Assistant. She is actively involved in multiple clubs on campus such as Sophomore Student Leadership and was just named President of her campus' Campus Activities Board. Myr'lice is currently assisting her department in creating programs to help students find continued success beyond the hiring process and after they get the job.

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What do students think of the live sessions?

To receive a certificate, students attend two virtual live sessions with industry professionals. The 90-minute sessions include a lively panel discussion as well as student question and answer. Students can put their newly learned skills to use. 

Alexis Davis

"I really enjoyed getting to hear the speakers and their insight into the modules. It is always good to hear advice from people who have been in the work field and have lived out experiences. It taught me a bit more about how I should handle situations. I  will definitely be taking all of this information with me as I continue through college and in my career."

Ashlyn Hernandez Carcamo

"The sessions allowed me to hear from people who include the topics I have learned in their lives/ jobs, they tell us their experiences!"

Lenzae Keys

"I was excited and curious, I was eager to listen to the panelists' insights and learn from their experiences. I felt inspired to ask questions and engage in the discussion, to gain a deeper understanding of the topics being discussed."

Hriday Narang

"It was a very informative session with various perspectives shared with us."

Jennifer Ortiz Gonzales

"Fabian and the panelists took their time to explain what was on their mind, the information they offered us was definitely useful and important."

Rachel Perez

"I truly enjoyed every minute of the live session. The guest speakers provided a lot of helpful information. I was particularly captivated by Ashaki Wilham, who communicates in a way that makes me interested in what she has to say."

Ryan Watford

"I really liked the live session. The panelists worked well together. I appreciated their perspectives and insights."

Rudy Salmeron Reyes

"My overall reaction to the live session was how truly incredible it was for the panelists to join and have the time for us and talk about the modules."

Angelina Deshevykh

"I really liked how each panelist gave diverse advice from their unique experience and point of view, and how all of it tied into the modules."

Mia Rivera-Varlack

"It was very insightful to hear all of the personal experiences the panelists had with each topic. I never realized how prominent they are in everyday life. It was a very good experience."

Parent Perspective

"This program built a lot of confidence and made Caitlin more outgoing. She was a shy and reserved girl that has become an amazing young woman and I believe the program helped her forge her way in business. She has taken on an internship as an assistant to a CFO/Treasurer that operates four companies. She has also excelled in her current part-time job and has been promoted to assistant manager.  She is going to achieve amazing things!"

- Nataliya Matehka

Nataliya Testimonial 2024

Featured Alumni: Luchiano Fernando

"I gained a lot of confidence after the course. I secured several positions such as Immunology Research Assistant, Medical Intern, and Freshman Orientation Leader. Thanks so much for offering the course that I can apply in my career journey."

Luchiano is currently a freshman at The University of Texas at Dallas on a Pre-Med Track. 

Luchiano completed the IRCP Course in 2022. 

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