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My Lifetime Journey with NSHSS


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Lifetime Journey with NSHSS

My journey with the NSHSS began my junior year of high school; I received the invitation and immediately joined. NSHSS distinguishes students who have committed themselves to the pursuit of academic excellence, community improvement, and personal development.

The first event I attended was held at the Carter Center in Atlanta, GA, which is the Society’s annual Holiday Event. During this event, I took my oath, witnessed students receiving scholarships, and I had the privilege to meet and take pictures with Mr. Claes Nobel, founder and chairman of NSHSS. 

At that moment, I knew it was an honor and a privilege to be a member of such a prestigious society. I made a vow to myself that I would one day be up there on that stage speaking to students and receiving a scholarship. Even though academic achievement is a core component to be a member, students today need much more than just good grades to get ahead - they need leaders and role models to motivate them.

After high school, I continued to be involved as a lifetime Scholar by becoming a member of the Student Council. I honored my personal vows and eventually spoke to students and new inductees about the society. I informed them about the importance of the NSHSS and how it will help them after high school. I told them about the two scholarships (the Ambassador Award and the Di Yerbury Award) that I received and how they helped tremendously with my college expenses.

Recently, I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to participate on a student panel and speak on behalf of the NSHSS at the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education conference. I was now the person sitting on the panel providing others with advice on what to expect after high school and how to be successful in college. 

Last month, I was given a $25,000 scholarship and chosen as a Rising Star from the UNCF. I was honored during “An Evening of Stars” program on BET and had to give an acceptance speak before thousands in addition to being seen across the globe. But it wasn’t a big deal; NSHSS built up my confidence to speak to others. 

This gift was awarded to me for my academic achievements, community service, and leadership qualities; all of the characteristics that are required to be a lifetime member of the NSHSS.