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Monday, March 02, 2015

Tia Tula Congratulates Full Tuition Recipient

And the winner of the scholarship at Tia Tula Spanish School in Salamanca, Spain, from the 5 of July to the 1 of August 2015 is…

Rachel Thundat, from Los Angeles, California

Her application number, 44187, has been the closest one to the winning number of the Spanish National Lottery the 14th of February 2015: 44247.

Tía Tula would like to thank the interest of all participants of the draw, 264 students members of the NSHSS, offering an exclusive discount that could be considered a second prize: 40% discount on in-school Spanish courses.

This is a unique opportunity to come and learn Spanish in Salamanca, Spain, and enjoy this great European experience under similar conditions to the first prize winner.

Furthermore, if any NSHSS member was not aware about the scholarship and now regrets not having applied for the draw, Tía Tula offers an exceptional third prize: NSHSS members that fill out their registration for a Spanish course at Tía Tula before the 20 of March using the Special coupon offer NSHSS2015 on the online registration platform on Tía Tula website will have a 20% discount on Spanish courses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Write us an email to Tía Tula’s team will be pleased to help you!

An amazing experience is waiting for you in Spain!