Do people get NSHSS scholarships?

Thursday, April 13, 2023
College Students

Yes! Hundreds of people get NSHSS scholarships each year. NSHSS offers a variety of scholarships, but the competition is steep. Most NSHSS scholarship programs only award a few  outstanding students. While there are some NSHSS scholarships open only to NSHSS members, the vast majority of scholarships offered on the NSHSS site are open to all high school students, college students, or a mix of both.

Here is what you need to know about NSHSS scholarships and awards.

Types of NSHSS scholarships

NSHSS members have access to many scholarship resources, including those offered by employers and NSHSS partners. There are a few types of NSHSS scholarships you will see on the main page.

  • NSHSS Foundation scholarships provide a marginalized student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher to enter a particular field of study. NSHSS Foundation scholarships are also given to those who show dedication to world betterment by pursuing related degree programs.
  • NSHSS scholarships are also awarded for specific achievements, such as the Be More Fund which awards entrepreneurial or influential voices among both high school students and educators. 
  • Scholarships from NSHSS partners and sponsors may not be directly affiliated with NSHSS, but they are displayed here as a resource for NSHSS members. 
  • NSHSS collegiate scholarships are few and only open to college freshmen in most cases.

NSHSS members also enjoy access to additional scholarship resources and opportunities. 

NSHSS scholarship requirements

Most NSHSS scholarships do not require one to be a member of society, but the academic criteria are often the same for both. Each scholarship has specific requirements based on the goal of the scholarship program. An essay, cover letter, recommendation letter, and headshot are typical application requirements. 

How many NSHSS scholarships are awarded each year?

There are more than 30 NSHSS scholarship programs, each awarding at least 2 students per year. Ongoing annual scholarship programs include:

The only exception is the NSHSS Foundation scholarships. These typically only have one award per term.

How to get NSHSS scholarships

The best way to earn NSHSS scholarships is by making use of the resources available to NSHSS members. There are many scholarship resources, advice, and tips available on the website, through webinars, and through online and in-person events designed to help high school students and parents make the most of scholarship applications.

Here are some general tips to improve your chances of winning an NSHSS scholarship.

  1. Apply for the right scholarships. Make sure that you are applying for NSHSS scholarships that align with your accomplishments and goals.
  2. Understand the requirements. Every scholarship is different. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements and understand exactly what is expected from your application packet.
  3. Choose the source of recommendation letters carefully. The person writing the recommendation letter should be intimately aware of your academic achievements, goals, and capabilities. 
  4. Don’t skimp on the headshot. Most NSHSS scholarships request a headshot, and this shouldn’t be a selfie. It pays to use a clean and professional headshot. A formal senior picture is sufficient for most students.
  5. Have a mentor review your application before you send it. It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on an essay or application packet. Use the feedback to polish the whole and prepare it for submission.
  6. Take advantage of NSHSS webinars about funding college. NSHSS webinars and events frequently give the tools and knowledge you need to successfully apply for and win NSHSS scholarships.

Still, have questions? You can hear from previous NSHSS scholarship award winners through testimonials and videos on our site.