13 Best Reasons Students Should Study Abroad

Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Study Abroad London

When you study abroad with NSHSS Partners, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undertake your studies while living overseas. Suppose you love learning new languages and immersing yourself in a new culture in another country. In that case, NSHSS has everything our members need to pursue their dreams of studying or interning abroad thanks to our partners like United Planet. The reality is that studying abroad will be a challenge. However, it has enormous benefits, which we will investigate in this post. It should give you the best reasons to seize this rare opportunity.


Living and studying in another country gives you a global mindset.

Thanks to our diverse network of NSHSS partners worldwide, including The Intern Group, you will broaden your worldview by living and working in another culture that a vacation cannot provide.


Learn a new language or practice one you already know. 

There’s no better time to practice (and even master) a foreign language you learned in high school than by studying abroad. Fluency in a second (or several) languages is always advantageous for your career, especially today when many corporations and organizations have a worldwide presence.


Discover new ways of learning and studying. 

You will experience diverse teaching styles that open your mind to new learning and thinking methods when you study abroad. For example, our NSHSS partners like the Chinese University of Hong Kong will place you in a non-formal educational setting that delivers a one-of-a-kind educational experience.


Gain more confidence by living independently far from home. 

Studying abroad will challenge you to be independent and self-reliant. Not only must you adapt to a new setting, but you must live and study in a new culture. Facing day-to-day challenges as an adult will instill valuable, lifelong skills.


Meet new people from different cultures. 

With NSHSS partners’ all-inclusive spectrum of industries and brands globally, you will expose yourself to diverse cultures and people by studying abroad. You will not only discover new interests you’ve never considered but share them with different people who will most likely become lifelong friends.


Expand your network globally. 

Making new connections by studying abroad will strengthen your professional network, not just with peers but with other valuable relationships including professors, mentors, and industry leaders. It will give you a diverse network around the world that will always be an asset while you’re studying abroad and beyond school.


Open new doors and explore overseas job opportunities. 

When you intern and study abroad with NSHSS partners, you will discover numerous job opportunities, whatever your course of study may be. Thanks to our diverse network of partners globally, you’ll find locations that offer unmatched career opportunities suited to your interests, such as: 

  •   Finance in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai
  •   Chemistry in Spain, Japan, and Germany
  •   Marketing in London, Sweden, and Australia


Give your resume a global flavor. 

When you study abroad, your experiences living and learning overseas will improve your resume. Employers will be impressed with your ability to adapt to another culture, learn languages, and keep an open mind. With this background, you’re well on your way to a global career path beyond school.


Receive a world-class education. 

When you study abroad, you will want to go to a top-ranking school to receive the best education. The significant advantage of going overseas is that you broaden your horizons and choices beyond the United States. It is possible to get a higher quality education with NSHSS partners in many foreign countries.


It’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world.

While studying abroad isn’t a vacation, you can still explore your host country and neighboring countries when you aren’t busy with school or interning with  NSHSS partners. You may not have much time, but whatever free time you have to travel will be worthwhile.


You’ll gain a better appreciation of your home. 

Learning to live independently in a foreign country will give you a newfound appreciation of the simple things at home, especially your family. Who knows, they could be missing you too.


You’ll gain a new perspective of American culture. 

It’s easy to take your own culture for granted when you’re at home. Studying and living abroad lets you see the United States from a fresh perspective—both positives and negatives.


The National Society of High School Scholars can assist you with research and preparation for interning abroad.

Finally, as opportunities to live and learn abroad become more in demand, the benefits of NSHSS membership expand to meet your needs. Together with NSHSS partners worldwide, we connect our members with exciting internship opportunities in other countries.