15 Best Colleges to Pursue an Environmental Engineering Degree

Monday, April 27, 2020
15 Best Colleges For Environmental Engineering

In honor of recent holidays like Earth Day and National Arbor Day,  and with the issue of global warming top of mind for many, careers in environmental engineering are becoming increasingly popular and crucial for the future of the planet. 

Environmental engineers help solve global problems related to air, land, and earth pollution and work to keep both human beings and the earth healthy. This is why quality college programs in environmental engineering are so important.

Students interested in environmental engineering degrees have a variety of college programs available to them; however, below are 15 of the very best colleges for pursuing an environmental engineering degree.

To help fund these programs, students can look for specific scholarships like the NSHSS STEAM Scholarship, focused on helping students interested in subjects like engineering afford college tuition.

For now, here is a list of those 15 programs, along with some information on each one’s mission and focus.

1. University of California - Berkeley

UC Berkeley’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a minor program in environmental engineering to be combined with a major in a corresponding program like civil engineering or biological sciences.