5 Reasons to Apply to the University of Wyoming Business Scholars Program

Tuesday, March 09, 2021
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At the University of Wyoming College of Business, student success is our priority. One of the ways we ensure success is through focus on the holistic student experience. Launched in fall 2019, the UW Business Scholars Program has been offering an exceptional cohort experience for high achieving business students, giving members a one-of-a-kind education.

For high achieving students that come to the UW College of Business with exemplary academic records, we want to celebrate those achievements. One way we do this is by inviting a select group to enjoy additional experiential benefits through involvement in the Business Scholars Program. For selected students, the Scholars Program becomes a central element of their time at UW, and something they are a part of throughout their entire undergraduate degree.

With unique experiences incorporated into each year of the program, here are five reasons to apply to the UW Business Scholars Program:


1. Networking Opportunities

As a first-year scholars student, you’ll get to live with other scholars in our Living Learning Community. You will join other business students by living on the same floor, will automatically be enrolled in select core courses together, and be able to participate in floor-specific programming throughout the year.

Not only will you get this opportunity to network with other students in your cohort, but you’ll receive consistent networking opportunities with other students, college leadership, and industry partners throughout your four years in the program. The UW College of Business Dean, Director of the Green-Johnson Student Success Center, Advisory Board Members, and more will be present figures throughout your experience and can connect you to many other networking and career services opportunities.


2. Access to Executive Speakers

The College of Business focuses on connecting all our students with professional development opportunities and networking via a speaker series. We have alumni and industry connections all over the country, and those partnerships mean access to the connections and advice these individuals bring.

While many speakers are open to the entire College of Business student body, Scholars students are given additional one-on-one or small group sessions with these speakers. Not only will you personally and professionally benefit from these experiences, but the networking opportunities can help further your career options.


3. International Experience

At the College of Business, we know that business is global, with companies, industries, and individuals connecting across the world. As such, we recognize international experience is critical to your opportunities in your career, and also in expanding your perspective on a personal level.

During your first year of the scholars program, you’ll get to participate on a 7-10 day faculty led education abroad program with your cohort. You will take an Introduction to International Business course as a part of this program and through the course and abroad program, you will act as consultants with other classmates to investigate international business successes and issues. Heavily subsidized financially, this program abroad is a great way to boost your resume and your development.


4. Mentorship

Mentorship is an annual component of the Business Scholars Program, and we feel partnering people with similar circumstances and ambitions will help students settle in on campus and build connections with their future network. Cohorts will have peer mentorship from the cohort ahead of them each year, connecting with students who are living the same collegiate journey.

In the final year of your Business Scholars Program, students are mentored by our College of Business Advisory Board. This board consists of business leaders from throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and the U.S., and they serve to promote the growth and development of the College of Business and its students. Yet another excellent networking opportunity with professionals in a variety of fields.


5. Industry Connections

Throughout the Business Scholars Program, you’ll get to attend a variety of local business tours and other networking events. This will allow you to see firsthand how a business operates while also getting the opportunity to talk to different business owners about their experiences and lessons learned.

On top of touring local businesses, Junior year students also get to take part on an Industry TREK Experience. This Industry Trek will take your cohort of scholars students to an industry hub location in the U.S., where you’ll visit with companies and have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge processes, people, and innovations that make that city future-proof.


So What’s Next?

If you’re ready to be a part of this one-of-a-kind business education experience, you can apply today! Students are selected to the UW Business Scholars Program through a holistic process that reviews academic history and application responses. Applications for the Fall 2021 cohort are now open, with final selections being made in the spring.

For additional information on the UW Business Scholars Program, visit the UW College of Business Website. For questions regarding the Scholars Program, or to submit an application, contact Taylor True at ttrue2@uwyo.edu.



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