Five Ways Yale Summer Program Prepares Students for University

Thursday, December 09, 2021
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Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is one of the most globally diverse, two-week academic summer programs in the world. Serving over 2,000 students from 150+ countries and all 50 U.S. states, the program distributes over $3 Million USD in need-based financial aid to U.S. domestic and international students. YYGS curriculum is highly collaborative, exposing participants to innovative topics while facilitating student discussions shaped by international perspectives. 

…but how does YYGS prepare students for university? Here are five ways that this two-week summer program prepares students for higher education:

1. Improves Application Skills

YYGS has a comprehensive online application, which is structured to model the American college application process. YYGS requires applicants to list extracurricular activities, submit essays, list teachers for recommendations, and collaborate with parents/guardians when completing financial aid information. This application is great practice for students interested in applying to universities.

2. Explore New Topics in Academia

Over 1,000+ small-scale seminars are hosted by YYGS over the course of summer. These seminars are collaborative, engaging, and cover a wide variety of academic subjects. Taught by Yale undergraduate (or graduate) students, seminars are very similar to a college classroom where new concepts are introduced by a professor and further discussed by students. Students also attend lectures taught by Yale professors. Prachurjo Das, who attended YYGS 2021, explains, “[Professor Kagan’s lecture] made me a better decision-maker, enhancing my understanding of economics.”

3. Address Real-World Problems

Summer program simulations encourage students to address real-world issues by participating in an open-ended, collaborative, problem-solving activity with like-minded peers. The simulation mirrors projects and questions that university students pursue in their studies. In the past, YYGS students have created music, videos, nonprofits, and websites dedicated to topics like sustainability, women’s rights, climate change, education inequality, and more.

4. Network with Students from 150+ Countries and 50 U.S. States

YYGS is an academic summer program that fosters global dialogue with high school students from all corners of the world. One program component, Family Time, helps further this dialogue by bringing together a small group of students to develop bonds through identity reflection, courageous conversations, active listening, and engaging social activities. For Shivan Kalpakovic (YYGS 2021), the ability to have open conversations about mental health “affected [her] strongly.” Another alumnus, Firdavskhon Babaev, was “fascinated” by his family members’ spirit of curiosity. “Those students, their knowledge and worldviews, inspired me to further explore my passion and aspire to develop crucial skills, particularly problem-solving.” Building multicultural connections and fostering broader perspectives are the basis of a university experience, and YYGS offers an opportunity to build these meaningful friendships even sooner.

5. Take Advantage of Yale University Resources

As a pre-collegiate program, YYGS provides students with resources designed to inspire or expand current interests. Through Opportunities Across Yale, students have the opportunity to tour Yale graduate research labs, tour the university's renowned libraries, visit the Yale Center for British Art, and much more. YYGS is committed to connecting students with campus leaders and university resources.


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